Yougov is a professional and extremely popular market research organization with over 350,000 members in the UK alone. When you register with Yougov you will take online surveys on a variety of different subjects and topics, some of the results from these polls and questionnaires will be analysed and then the results will be printed in Newspapers in the UK or later discussed on TV.


Once you have joined as a panel member you will receive survey invitations to your email address. The link in the email will take you directly into the questionnaire and you will be paid in points for your time.

The points you will receive for each online survey usually range from 50 to 200. The points you accumulate can be exchanged for cash once you have 5000 in your account, 5000 points can be redeemed for £50 in cash which is sent to you via bank transfer. The length of each paid survey you take at Yougov will rarely last much longer than 10 - 15 minutes each.

There is also an option to refer your friends to earn a little extra money, for every friend you refer that completes 5 online surveys you will get a bonus 200 (£2) points added to your account.

As well as using your points to redeem cash you can also redeem your points for entries into their monthly prize draws if you wish, some of the prizes on offer include holidays, cash, electronics and lots more.

They have also recently launched their new website which allows you to complete their new invention the Opigram. The Opigram is basically an online profile that you complete and update when possible, once they have enough opinions you will be able to search the Opigram to find out what other people think about the latest books, movies, restaurants or products. It will probably take them a while to get enough information in it but once its all set up could be really handy.

Contact Information

200 S.E. 1st Street
12th Floor
FL 33131

Tel: 305.374.2500
email: Contact page

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Get paid in points redeemable for cash
Low £50 payout via bank transfer
Regular / Short surveys
Can refer friends for extra money
Results published in Newspapers and discussed on TV
Complete and search the Opigram


Age 16+
Resident of the UK