Try Out New Products

Put simply product testing involves receiving a free product directly from a company or market research site. You then need to try it out and write a review or fill in a survey detailing your experiences. For your time you will be compensated with either cash, vouchers or just the product itself as payment. The company will then be passed the results and any necessary changes or improvements will be made before they are put in the shops for sale.

How Do I Get Involved?

To start testing free stuff you must register your details with as many market research or specialized websites that you can find which offer product testing panels. Many of these sites will not offer you the Become a Product Testeropportunity to try products from their home page and may only send them out occasionally. In order to help you we've listed the most popular sites below. All you need to do is sign up for each one, fill in any profile information that is required and then login to the site. Once you are a member you will receive invitations to try and review various products via e-mail as and when they become available.

Market Research Websites Offering Product Testing

The following are market research sites in the UK that will pay you cash or gift vouchers to test free products from various companies. As mentioned above you should work hard with each site and be patient as it could take a few months or even longer until you receive your first parcel through the post. Once you have received your first and completed the review or questions in full you should receive many more.

Join Toluna - Toluna really is the place to be if you are looking for the most paid product testing opportunities. Once you are a member simply visit the 'test section' and register your interest for any items you want to try. If you are selected the goods will be sent out and you must complete an online survey to get your points. Toluna does from time to time offer high value goods such as smartphones or TV's so if you are lucky you may get to test one of these.

Reward: Any points you accumulate on the site can be redeemed for a wide range of gift vouchers or £30 cash via Paypal.

Join OneOpinion - OneOpinion is a new and exciting market research site. By joining today you can find out how their members enjoy the best customer service, fast payments and lots of interesting survey opportunities. You will also get the opportunity to see and test brand new products sent to you through the post. For each survey you are rewarded with on average £1 - £2 worth of points which are added instantly to your account. Once you have 25000 points you can cash out for £25 cash sent straight to Paypal or a prepaid VISA / Mastercard which can be used everywhere.

Join Pinecone Research - Pinecone is an exclusive survey site that does not regularly recruit for new members. If you do manage to become a member they will pay you £3 via Paypal for each online survey you take. Once you have become an established and reliable member they may send you out various products to test. (18 - 24 year olds only at this time)

Reward: If you are selected you will get to keep the item and receive £3 for the original survey and an additional £3 for the review questionnaire.

Join Product Testing UK - Product Testing UK are currently recruiting for product testers to test the brand new Toshiba Satellite laptop. To be in with a chance you must register and complete the short survey in full. If you are selected you will receive the laptop to your home to test. After the testing is complete simply write a short review telling them about your experiences. This will then be posted to their blog and you can keep the Toshiba Satellite.

Reward: Brand new Toshiba Satellite laptop. if you are picked to do the testing

Tip: Always be honest with your answers so you can establish a good account, then you should always receive the best items to try out.

Companies Offering Product Testing Panels

Rather than hiring a market research site some companies set up their own testing panels for their customers. These companies don't pay cash but you will be amongst the first to try out their new products. Ten of the most popular panels can be found below:

Glamour Magazine - The Glamour Panel

Loreal Paris - Loreal Insider

Ecover - Various products

Kraft Foods - Kraft First Taste Panel

All You Magazine - All You Reality Checker

Nike - Nike Testing Panel

New Balance - New Balance Wear Test Program

Nestle Coffee Mate - The Brew Crew

Brillo - Brillo Connection

Tesco - Tesco Home Panel

What Kind of Products Will I Be Sent?

You can expect to receive pretty much any type of goods. This could include high value items such as TVs, mobile phones, iPads, iPods and iPhones, although tests for these items may be few and far between. Other items you could expect to test will include washing powder, washing up liquid, toothpaste, makeup, deodorant, air freshener, small electrical products, cleaning products and lots more. Most items that companies ask you to try out will be brand new on the market and you will probably be one of the first in the country to own these goods.

How Are the Free Products Sent to Me

Most market research sites will use a courier or special delivery service to send your items to you, these types of services are used for speed and security. If you miss the delivery then the parcel can be picked up from the Post Office or delivery can be re-arranged directly through the courier.

Avoiding Scams

As with anything to do with free stuff there is always the chance that there will be scams. One of the biggest scams that we know about is websites that offer a 'database' of paid product testing sites but require a fee to join up. It's likely that once you have paid your money you will get nothing more than most survey directories provide for free, so be very wary.

What Are the Advantages of Being a Product Tester

There are many advantages, the first one being that you will be paid for trying something out, this is really easy money. The second advantage is that you will be able to keep the product forever or sell it on and the third is that you may be entered into prize draws to win loads of cool stuff.