Survey Network

Survey Network is a brand new survey panel for residents of the UK founded by the Quick Reward Network. The panel is 100% free to join and offers participants the chance to earn up to £10 per survey they take.

Unlike other survey sites the minimum payment is low so you will receive your money via Paypal within days rather than months.


After registering and creating a free account, confirming your e-mail address and completing the profile information you will get a bonus £1 added straight into your account.

Online surveys are sent regularly which pay up to £10 each, you will receive an e-mail invitation when once of these becomes available. As long as you qualify and complete the questionnaire in full your account will be credited within 1 - 2 days.

There is also daily surveys that you can complete which pay between 75p - £1 each. Everyday you will be sent an e-mail containing all the daily surveys for the day, if you take them all you will probably get as much as £3 - £5 a day added to your account. Your account will be credited within 2 - 3 days of you completing the online surveys you are sent.

Once you have accumulated enough credit in your account you can cash out and your payment is sent within a matter of days straight to your Paypal account.

There is also the possibility that you may occasionally be invited to test free products and services. You will be financially compensated for these activities.

Only one account is allowed per UK household.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and personal data is taken seriously by this company. When you become a member and fill in the profile information your data will never be passed on, sold or traded with clients or third part companies. Also they will not sign you up to any other offers or opt you into any mailing without your express permission.

Contact Information


Benefits of Becoming a Member

Membership is 100% free
Bonus £1 for joining
Low minimum payment
Fast Paypal payments
Excellent customer service
Regular / daily paid surveys
Strict privacy policy


Any Age (Under 18 requires parental permission)
UK residents only
Only one account per household