Survey Madness

Survey Madness is a brand new independent market research site that cares passionately about what you think and needs your valuable opinions. By giving your opinions in the short paid survey you will help UK companies to improve their current or future products and services.

There is only one online survey for you to take at this site and by completing it (should take less than 15 minutes) you will discover where you can earn £300 - £1000 cash. The site needs your views on anything from shopping to finance and the results are passed to their partners to help develop their future products and services.


All they ask is that you complete one quick 12 minute online survey and for your time you will get the information where you can earn up to £1000 cash. Once you have finished the online survey you will be redirected to an exclusive reward site, an account will be created for you and by completing various offers you can earn between £300 and £1000 cash. By using the reward account you can also get more money credited by buying stuff online, completing any future online surveys that become available or signing up for other offers  that may be of interest to you.

All information that is collected on the Survey Madness survey is regulated by the UK Data Protection Act 1988, you can find out more about how your information will be handled by reading their privacy policy on the site.

Contact Information
The Beater House
Turkey Mill
ME14 5PP


Benefits of Becoming a Member

Short 12 minute online survey
Earn £300 to £1000 cash
Free reward account opened for you
Take survey at any time from any location
All data collected is regulated by Data Protection Act


Age 18+
Resident of the UK