Survey Downline

Survey Downline is owned by Precision Sample, LLC and was founded back in 2009. This site is currently only available to UK, US, Australian and Canadian residents. Survey Downline is much different and more exciting than others as they view all members as partners and share up to 50% of the revenue they earn with their users - a real partnership!

The site was created not only to help people like you earn extra money but also to make it cheaper and easier for companies and organizations around the world to better connect with their customers which will enable them to create better products, services and offerings in the future.


After joining the free site you have various ways of earning cash, they offer a 3 tier referral program where you earn money not only for taking surveys but for getting friends and friends of friends to take surveys. There are some members earning hundreds of pounds (dollars) without actually taking a single paid survey. The referral programs works as follows:

Earn 35% of their revenue for every online survey you complete

Earn 10% for every online survey completed by your friends

Earn 5% for each online survey completed by friends your friends have referred

You can check how much you have earned at any time by logging into your account, once you have accumulated $20 (£12) in your account you can request payment be sent via Paypal or Facebook credits. Paypal payments are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month as long as you have earned the minimum amount.

On the Survey Downline site it says that for each market research survey you take you will be rewarded with between $0.10 and $20 each. The amount you will be paid will always be specified in the invitation e-mail or on their website.

You may also be invited to participate in product evaluation surveys where you may have to sign up for a service or buy a product. You will be compensating for carrying out these evaluations but if they are not of interest then just delete the invitation. All evaluations will be clearly marked.

By joining up with the site today you will also get a free entry into their monthly prize draw to win an iPad.

Contact Information

Precision Sample, LLC
7450 W. 52nd Ave.,#M326
Arvada, CO 80202


Benefits of Becoming a Member

Earn up to 50% of the revenue they earn
Earn between $0.10 and $20 per survey
A real partnership
Earn money by referring friends
3 tier referral program
Cash sent via Paypal or Facebook credits
Entry into monthly prize draw to win an iPad


Aged 13+
Resident of the UK, US, Canada or Australia