Palm Research

The founders of Palm Research has been in market research since 1995 and the website was created in 2009. They are a 100% free site that works with many of the worlds top market research companies and are therefore able to offer all members 2 daily paid surveys in return for cash payments. To date they have paid out over $165,000 via Paypal to their 150,000+ members from all around the world.


For each and every market research survey you take at Palm Research you will be paid in cash. Everyday you will receive at least 2 paid surveys to complete, there is only a handful of survey sites in the world that offer this opportunity. Once you have at least $10 in your account your payment will be sent to a Paypal account of your choice.

As well as taking surveys you will also get the opportunity to take part in Focus Groups. These Groups can be held in a convenient location in your local area or can be carried out online. When you take part in a Focus Group you will be discussing a product or service within a group in order to find out your perceptions, beliefs and attitudes about it.

Focus Groups are very important for businesses and organizations to find out your views about a particular product before it is released to the public. For your participation in these types of groups you will be paid well, often you will get as much as $30 - $100 per hour. An average group discussion will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours each. Online focus groups will usually take part in a chat room but will not be as highly paid as offline ones.

Once you have just $10 in your account balance for taking surveys you will be paid straight to your Paypal account. For taking part in discussion groups you will be paid in cash for the time you spend.

Privacy Policy

In their terms and conditions, Palm Research state that all your personal information will be kept 100% confidential and will not be used for any other reason that to contact you about your account.

Contact Information

Palm Research
501 W. Broadway, Suite A-381
San Diego, CA 92101


Benefits of Becoming a Member

At least 2 paid surveys everyday worth $1 each
Low minimum payout of just $10
Cash payments sent via Paypal
Chance to be invited to take part in discussion groups
Available worldwide


Age 13+