Paid Surveys for Kids and Teenagers

Taking surveys have become one of the most popular online ways for anyone to make money online. Its not just adults that can make money from taking surveys but also teenagers and kids as well. As the companies that conduct the research need to get information from anyone that may well buy their products and services, if the product was a toy, a game or even the latest kids movie then they would look for opinions from children and teenagers rather than adults.

Survey Sites With No Age to Join

There are a couple of paid survey sites that do not require you to be any particular age to become a member. These include Toluna the massively popular market research site where you can take surveys and test products for shopping vouchers. Another research company with no age to join is Survey Network, here you can take online surveys and be paid as much as £10 each. At Survey Network you will also receive an e-mail everyday containing many survey projects that you can take part in and get paid more. Even though the market research companies above have no particular age to join they do still request that you get parents / guardians permission before signing up.

List of Market Research Sites by Age

The following are the world's biggest and most popular survey sites where kids and teenagers can join and start earning extra cash and vouchers on a regular basis, they are listed by age:

Any Age

Mintvine (Now known as Branded Surveys)

Age 13+


Age 14+

Global Test Market
CFS Panel

Age 16+

My Survey

If you are a kid or teenager and you join each of the survey sites above it will be almost certain that each month you will receive a nice amount of extra money or gift vouchers being sent out to you. You can find more surveys for kids at popular TeenPaidSurveys.

Ensure that after registering you login to your accounts and fill in all of the required profile information. The profiles will ask for information about your hobbies and interests, by completing them in full you will be sent as many paid surveys as possible from each company.

Any payments that you get will be sent to you via cheque or straight to your bank account. Some survey sites also pay by Paypal and if you are not over 18 then you won't have a Paypal account, for these sites it's best to ask your parents / guardians if you can use their account.

To set your mind at ease all the websites listed above have full privacy policies which means that any personal information you give them is 100% safe and will never be sold to any third party companies.

Make sure that you have your parents permission when doing paid surveys and take their advice on how much information to give out. Both you and your parents can find out more about privacy by reading a site's privacy policy before you become a member.

Also, you may find that the site you are on has special bonuses when you recommend family or friends to the site, so make sure that you let people know when you have found a good site and this will help you earn more money.