What Are Medical Surveys

Medical surveys are market research questionnaires that are performed amongst a group of consumers or medical professionals. The topics will vary but most often will be related to new drugs that are going to be released onto the market, medical equipment or will be relevant to medical conditions that a particular group of people have.

Who Carries Out These Surveys?

Any company who manufactures drugs or medical equipment will need to do lots of research before their products are released on the market. To carry out this research Pharmaceutical companies will often outsource and pay market research websites to carry out the majority of their consumer surveys for them. This way it will be easy for them to simply focus on the results and further development of their products rather than the ins and outs of the survey process.

How Will I Be Compensated for My Time and Where Can I Get Started?

Anyone participating in paid medial surveys are often compensated in cash for their time and efforts. As medical research is such a specialized market the compensation and rewards on offer will often be much higher than general market research surveys. Anyone that is in the medical profession such as Doctors or Nurses will also find that they will be rewarded a little more.

The following three sites all offer paid medial surveys to anyone looking to earn some extra money or just wanting to voice their opinions and concerns regarding future development of drugs, medicines, healthcare and medical equipment. Many of the following sites are looking specifically for medical / healthcare professionals to join but in some cases consumers are also welcome.

MDLinx is an online medical market research site that is only available to Physicians and other people who are working or directly connected to a medical profession. The amount you can earn does vary but Physicians and other medical professionals can get up to as much as $2 to $3 per minute of their time. Payments are sent in cash by cheque within 2 - 4 weeks of each online survey being completed in full.

Brand Institute is one of the world's largest market research sites that gives you the chance to help shape the future of pharmaceutical and other consumer products. They are especially looking for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other medical professionals to become members but do also send paid surveys to normal consumers. Compensation for your time is sent in cash via Paypal of up to as much as $30+ per survey.

Toluna is largely aimed towards consumers but they do claim to have a few speciality panels specifically for healthcare professionals. After joining you must fill in the profile information stating your expertise and you will be contacted when a specific panel becomes available. They pay in points which are redeemable for high street vouchers, any medical survey may offer cash incentives via cheque.

Cashback Research - UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Cashback Research is a free, new and exclusive website where you can get rewarded with up to $75 (£40) for taking online surveys. Once you have registered you get access to their survey dashboard. From the survey dashboard you can see what surveys are available, how much you have earned and when you can request a payout. By logging in everyday you can see your cash adding up quickly. As well as surveys you can participate in offers to boost your cash and you may be invited to clinical trials paying as much as $140 (£95) per hour! Once you have just £10 you can cash out via Paypal or for £15 cash out for a gift card. US members can cash out at $30 and Canadian / Australian members can cash out at $25.

Biotrax International is a medical research directory that offers various research opportunities, clinical trials and listings on their website. Simply search through the listings to find any opportunities that are currently available in your area. Payment is made in cash once each trial has been completed.