Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Surveys

What Does CashforSurveys Do?


CashforSurveys is an online survey company directory. This means that we list and review market research sites who are looking to recruit new members to join their panel.When you first visit our site you will see a full list of survey panels. To get started simply click on the logo to the left for each one, have a read of the review and click on the 'join now' button to register your details. You can join as many or as few as you want but you should remember that the more sites you join the more money you are likely to make.

I've Joined All the Survey Sites - Whats Next?

Once you have joined each site then simply sit back and wait for the email invitations to start arriving in your email inbox. The survey invitations will come directly from each company that you registered with and will include the topic, an average time to complete and what reward you will receive.

There are a variety of survey sites online and not all are reputable, but once you locate a good reputable company, it will be easy to earn some extra money online from surveys. Surveys are quickly becoming a great way for people to make quick cash, just for giving their honest opinions.

Some more questions and answers about survey taking in general can be found below:

What Exactly are Market Research Surveys?

Companies from around the world need to understand exactly what consumers think of their products and services either before they are released or once they are on sale. By registering with market research companieQuestions and Answerss that work on behalf of these companies you can take surveys and give companies your opinion.
We created this simple infographic below to try and help you to understand what paid surveys are and how exactly they work. This also helps to explain how works and how with your help we are paid.

What Topics are the Surveys on?

Online surveys can be on literally anything you can possibly think of. Some Survey sites are topic related such Politics, Movies or Medical sites that help companies develop new drugs, the list really is endless.

How do I Take Part in Online Surveys?

Once you have found a reliable list of online surveys and have registered with each one, your information will be put into a database. When an online survey becomes available that matches your information, an invitation will be sent to you via email containing instructions on how to take part.

Who can Register with Survey Sites?

Many sites will only allow participants from certain countries. For example our UK paid survey section details sites that only allow UK members, our International survey section lists sites that either allow members from around the World or particular countries such as USA, Canada or Australia.

Are Market Research Sites Free to Join?

Yes, you should never have to pay a fee to join an online survey site. If a ‘survey site’ asks for a fee it is either a scam or providing you with a list of sites that you can find for free elsewhere.

Should I Pay to Get Access to a Database of Research Sites?

NO! We would never recommend paying to access a database of paid
survey sites. Every one of these sites are available to view online free of charge and there are hundreds of sites that will provide you with all the information at no cost to yourself. Real and legitimate Market Research companies are prohibited from charging people to take part in surveys. Real sites pay you not the other way around.

Why Do I Have to Fill in the Profile Questionnaires?

The profile surveys on each site are extremely important; these are how the survey sites match your demographics to their particular project. For example if the study was on what kinds of meat people liked to eat they wouldn’t want to survey a group of vegetarians.

How Will I Be Invited?

Survey invitations will normally be sent via e-mail. Some market research sites have full communities which allow you to take polls or quizzes from within their sites, some of these will also be paid.

When I’m Emailed an Invitation do I Have to Take Part?

No, if you do not take part in that particular survey you will still receive invitations in the future. Its entirely up to yourself whether you take part in the ones you are sent.

What Information Will I Receive in the Invitation?

A survey invitation from a legitimate market research site will always include the length of time it will take to complete and the incentive you will receive at the end.

How Will I be Paid After Completion?

Depending on the particular market research site you may be sent a cheque or the money sent to you via a payment processing service such as Paypal. Some sites may reward you with points for completion of their online surveys, then when you have a set number of points you can cash out and claim your money via cheque or shopping vouchers.

What Rewards Will I Receive for Participating?

The rewards range from cold hard cash, to gifts and merchandise, gift certificates and vouchers for either online or high street stores or the chance to win great prizes. Some market research sites also give you the option to donate your rewards to charities. Do bear in mind that when you are given the option to win a prize, as there is likely to be only a few hundred participants your chance of winning will be fairly high.

Can I Really be Paid for Taking Survey Online?

Yes, there are thousands of legitimate market research companies in the world who will offer incentives for you giving your opinion online. Companies worldwide go to these market research companies and pay them to send out online surveys, the survey sites then pass on part of this payment to you.

What do Market Research Sites do With the Results?

The results from each paid survey will be passed back to the companies who have hired them to conduct the studies. No personal details will be mentioned, it will simply be a report showing findings for the whole group of participants. The data will then be analysed and the results passed onto business executives who will use it to help improve or develop their new and existing products and services.

Is my Personal Data Kept Secure?

Yes, most legitimate paid survey sites will have full privacy policies on their sites which will assure participants that their personal data is kept secure and not passed to other companies.

Can I Make a Lot of Money and Quit my Regular Job?

Any survey site that offers you thousands each month should not be trusted, however many people regularly make hundreds of pounds or dollars every month taking surveys online. Taking market research surveys can make a good part time job if you register with lots of them and check to see if you have been invited to take any new surveys on a regular basis.

So is it Worth My Time?

Personally I would say yes as its always nice to get the latest free products through the post, get a cheque for an extra £50 here and there, receive a gift voucher so you can purchase the latest CD or DVD or if your're lucky win a larger cash prize for completing just one survey. It also can be nice to login to your email account and see a £5, £10, £20 or even £50 survey waiting for you to complete.

You're not going to make a fortune taking surveys but I’m sure that the extra cash will always come in handy. Also you will be helping companies worldwide in developing better products and services.