Ten Reasons Why You May Not be Receiving As Many Surveys As You Would Like

One of the most popular questions that we get from our members is that they are not receiving as many surveys from market research sites as they would like. So what's going on? Some of the most likely reasons are listed below:

1) Your contact information is not up to date - Login to your accounts and check that your e-mail address is correct, if it isn't then you won't receive any survey invitations.

2) Fill in all profile / lifestyle questions - After registering with any research site you will usually be asked to complete some profile information or questions about your lifestyle. These questions are extremely important as it lets the research companies know more about you so in time they can send you more surveys. Many sites will also reward you for completing the profilers meaning that you will earn money as soon as your account has been opened.

3) Keep logging into your online accounts - More often than not you will receive most of your invitations via e-mail, however in a small number of cases survey projects are only posted in your account so by logging in regularly you can see what is available. Some survey companies also post quick polls or questions in your account and by logging in you can take them to earn a little extra money.

4) Check your spam folder - Keep a close eye on your spam as some legitimate online surveys may get lost in there. If this happens make sure you add each e-mail address to your trusted senders list so you do not miss any opportunities in the future.

5) Make sure you've not been blacklisted - Anyone that gives bad quality or misleading answers on questionnaires or rushes each one is likely to end up being caught out and blacklisted. If you think you've been incorrectly blacklisted as you've always given open and honest answers then you should contact the market research company and politely inquire about what has happened. If a site feels that a panellist has abused their terms and conditions then they have a right to ban them.

7) Stay an active member - Logging into your account, keeping your profile up to date, joining in with community discussions and taking part in survey projects on a regular basis will ensure that you stay active. It could be possible that some sites will penalise inactive members by not sending them many paid surveys. It has been found that longstanding active members will be rewarded with the highest paying surveys or even other research opportunities such as product testing or focus groups.

8) Do not take surveys to fast - Many people have seen their accounts become disabled as they have rushed through every question. You should always take the time to read each question properly and answer it in a timely manner. If your account has been disabled for this reason you should e-mail them and ask if it can be reactivated, sometimes you will just get a warning and your account re-opened.

9) Never pay to join a survey site and expect to make thousands - Any legitimate research company will not ask you to pay money to join, if you have paid to join you should e-mail them straight away and ask for a refund.

10) Have some patience - You should always bear in mind that if there are no surveys available then you will not be contacted. The market research websites that you are registered with first need to be hired by a company or organisation that requires research, only then you will be contacted. By exercising a little patience you will eventually be contacted to take an online survey.