Nielsen Netratings

For the last 80 years members of Nielsen have helped influence what is shown on TV. By joining Nielsen Net Rating's panel you now have the opportunity to help influence what the Internet will be like in the future. For your participation you will be given entries into big cash prize draws with a total of £30,000 to be won shared amongst 150 lucky panel members.


After joining you must fill in your profile information with some basic information about yourself and members of your household. Once completed and unlike other market research sites you must download the Nielsen NetRatings Internet Panel Software. The software download only takes a minute or two and does not slow down your PC or laptop in any way. The software allows Nielsen to gain an understanding of how the Internet is being used, this helps influence the future of the Internet and how companies do business on the Internet with you. All your online actions and personal details are kept 100% confidential.

Nielsen greatly values your participation in this panel and to show you how much they will reward you with entries into their cash prize draws where a total of £30,000 every year will be shared out among 150 panel members. As there are so many prizes available you do have a great chance of winning something. Your entries into the draw are collected as follows:

On joining the panel you will get one entry into the £1000 monthly draw to be shared amongst 10 members.

For every month you remain active on the panel you will get a further entry for 5 prize draws, details of these are below:

5 active members will get a share of the £2500 quarterly draw
10 active members will get a share of the £8000 annual draw

All you need to do is register your details, install the research meter on your PC, start surfing and your entered straight into the cash draws, it really is as easy as that.

Contact Information

Nielsen House,
London Road,

Tel: 0800 373148
email: Contact page

Benefits of Becoming a Member

150 active members share cash prizes totalling £30,000
Help shape the future of the World Wide Web


Aged 18+
UK Resident
Must download software