Free Barcode Reader at Nielsen Consumer Panel

Nielsen Consumer Panel is part of AC Nielsen who are one of the biggest market research sites in the world. The market research panel provides consumer purchase information for around 210,000 households around the UK and the world. They provide insights into consumer shopping behaviour in order to influence what products are sold on supermarket shelves in the future.

The Nielsen Consumer Panel is extremely unique as after joining you will be sent a free bar code scanner that will read the bar codes on any items you buy whilst you are out shopping. It only takes a couple of minutes to scan your items whilst you are putting them away and for your participation you are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for gifts from their online catalogue.


After registering your details you will be sent your free bar code scanner. Simply scan any products you buy with the scanner before putting them away, then once a week the data will be sent free of charge to Nielsen via your telephone line. Every time you transmit data you will earn gift points, these points can later be redeemed for a wide range of gifts from their catalogue. Gifts that are offered could including anything from camcorders, iPods, MP3 players, other electronics, gift vouchers and lots more.

They also have random drawings where they will select one of their active members to win a mystery prize which in the past has included cars, cash and holidays.

The data you send will be combined and sent to manufacturers and retailers in order to help improve their products. Who knows the products you help to influence could be seen on the supermarket shelves in the future.

Nielsen Consumer Panel is only for members living in the UK and at this point in time they are only looking for members who are aged 16 - 24, 64+ or are any age and currently live in London.

Contact Information

Nielsen House,
London Road,

Tel: 0800 373148
email: Contact page

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Free handheld scanner for you to keep
Points redeemable for various gifts from their catalogue
Random prize draws every month
Help improve products you see on the supermarket shelves


Resident of the UK

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