MySpace Surveys: A Waste of Time...

MySpace and Facebook surveys do not pay! It's amazing how many people spend hours of their time taking MySpace and Facebook Surveys and are not getting any rewards, money or even gift vouchers for their time and efforts.
MySpace is the main culprit, as soon as you login chances are you will be confronted with an online survey or quiz to take part in. People are even starting to incorporate these questionnaires into their profiles.

Some Facebook applications and games also offer online surveys that you spend time completing to get a couple of extra items or a picture gift that you can send a friend. These items are often found on games like Farmville or similar. All you are doing taking these online surveys is helping the producers of the game get rich and not yourself - such a waste of time.

Sometimes people even answer numerous questions to get a Farmville or Cityville upgrade that could be bought for couple of pounds. They then later wonder why they have a huge amount of spam e-mails in their inbox. The companies that operate these types of promotions are getting paid from survey affiliate networks for completion of these online questionnaires, it really is all about the money.

Earn Money From Market Research Yourself

People have to realise that market research and online surveys are a huge business. Companies will spend millions of pounds every year to find people who will take online surveys about their products and services to get a better understand of their spending habits.

Its about time that people also realise that Facebook and MySpace will be cashing in on all the online survey results that they pass onto these companies.

To avoid all this the best thing to do is simply get a free e-mail address, sign up with numerous online survey sites, complete any profile information that is required and within weeks you will have a nice amount of online surveys coming to your e-mail inbox on a regular basis. This will mean lots of extra money and gift vouchers for you rather than giving it all away to the Facebook and MySurvey game creators. Legitimate market research sites will not send you out heaps of spam e-mails every day and you will actually be paid for your time. By doing it this way you should be able to pay the extra couple of pound to get a Farmville tree yourself rather than giving all your potential earnings away.

It may be fun to take MySpace and Facebook quizzes but it seems pointless to spend hours and hours filling in online surveys when you can join paid survey sites yourself and they will actually pay you in cash or vouchers for your efforts. Rather than paying the big companies why not get some extra money and vouchers in your own pocket.