Ten Festive Tips for Making Money Online at Christmas

If your struggling to pay your bills and keep up with other financial commitments then the festive time of year can end up being very stressful.

In order to help you get some extra money we've created 10 money saving / money making tips, simply follow the steps below and you will be on your way to some quick and easy Christmas cash.Xmas Pounds

1) On the run up to Xmas look through your home and see if you have an old or unwanted toys or presents from previous years that you can sell. Once you have a nice pile of stuff set up auctions at online auction sites such as eBay or eBid, everyone is looking for cheap stuff at this time of year so could be easy to line your pockets.

2) Sign up with a popular online cashback site such as quidco. By joining Quidco not only can you make money joining survey and freebie sites but you can also get points for all your online purchase. So by buying your presents through the site you can later redeem your points for gifts and gift vouchers.

5) Have you got any unwanted gold or jewellery that you no longer wear? Have a dig around then request a free gold pack from Ramsdens and send in your old jewellery. Your old items will be insured for up to £500 and your cash will be sent within 3 days. Selling gold and other jewellery online would be a great way to earn some extra £xxx's.

4) Amazon originally became famous for selling books but now you can buy pretty much anything on the site. The other great thing about Amazon is that you can also sell pretty much anything through their marketplace or trade in service. Its fairly easy to set up a listing and once your item sells you will be notified by e-mail.

5) Spend a couple of hours signing up with as many market research sites as you can find and fill in all the required profile information. If start taking surveys on the run up to Xmas then you should easily be making a little extra cash or gift vouchers by the time December comes.

6) Register with best deal sites such as Groupon, this is a great site as it allows you to save up to 70% on Health and Beauty, Sports and Leisure, Restaurants, Bars, Café's, Events and lots more. Could be great for planning your Christmas night out with a huge discount.

7) Join freebie sites such as Freebie Fix, this site will e-mail you the latest and greatest freebies that you can get on a weekly basis. Who knows you could get free stuff that you can give away as presents.

8) Some online survey sites may invite you occasionally to participate in Focus Groups or Telephone Surveys. These are usually much higher paid than online surveys plus you will normally get the money straight away, by taking these its actually possible to earn as much as £25+ per hour. Market research sites that give you the opportunity to go to focus groups or take telephone surveys include ACOP, Consumer Intelligence and Valued Opinions.

9) Another way to make some easy money would be to become a secret shopper. Imagine being able to shop at your favourite stores and get paid for it, you can apply to become a secret shopper here.

10) Dig out old CDs, DVDs and console games and sell them for cash. Everyone has a few old CDs  or DVDs knocking about, once you have found a nice big pile then you can sell them for cold hard cash on a site called Music Magpie. They have also recently added a gadget service where they will take pretty much any electronic device in exchange for cash.

If you run through the tips above you should quite easily be able to create some easy money to put towards your Christmas list which will hopefully help you to take away some of the stress.