Is it Possible to Get Paid Instantly for Taking Surveys?

Online surveys are taken by many people around the world who all have one thing in common and that is to make as much money as possible in the quickest possible time.

Some people would like to earn money instantly from online surveys in order to pay household bills or cover their next night out. Unfortunately market research sites that pay cash straight after you have taken the survey are pretty much few and far between.

After you take a survey online your answers need to be checked and the results sent to clients before your money is made available. Market research sites like any other business on the planet need to be paid before they can pay you.

There are however some market research sites such as Pinecone Research in the UK that will send you a £3 payment via Paypal a couple of days after you have completed an online survey for them. Also if you are invited to a local focus group to discuss a topic it's likely that you will be paid in cash there and then for your participation. They are only currently looking for people aged between 18 and 34 to join.

Another popular survey site, Survey Rewardz has a very low minimum payout of just $1. (70p) Payments are sent quickly via Paypal or using other methods. There are often hundreds of surveys available on the site so it literally is possible to get paid within a few days. This is about as close to instant as you can get.

Another site that sends your money as soon as the survey is complete is Brand Institute, many of the projects that are sent from this site are also extremely high paid so it's well worth becoming a member.

Another survey site which is powered by popular market research site, Cint offer instant Paypal payments. You must first reach the minimum payment threshold of £8 but as soon as you redeem your money is sent instantly to Paypal! No waiting weewks for your money.

Apart from these three exceptions to the rule it's unlikely that you will be able to find any other companies that will pay you instantly for taking surveys.

Get Paid Instantly Into Your Online Account

There are some survey sites that will pay you instantly into the account you have with them once you have participated in an online survey project. However more often than not you will still have to accumulate the minimum payment before any 'real' money is sent to you. Some sites that pay like this include Usamp's iPoll and Global Test Market. The minimum payment at some survey sites is as low as £5, at Survey Head it is as low as £16 so you really won't have to take surveys with them forever before you get your money.

Taking surveys online is just like any other job and although it is very easy work that can be done from the comfort of your own home you should always be prepared to wait a little time for your money. As long as you have registered with as many market research sites as possible, have completed all the profile information in full and are completing surveys as the second they arrive in your inbox then you should find that you are receiving extra cash or shopping vouchers on a regular basis.

If you're prepared to spend a little time taking taking surveys and don't want everything in an instant then it is really is possible to make a little extra money. There is a full list of the highest Paypal paying survey sites here.