Harris Poll Online (Harris Interactive)

Harris Poll is owned by Harris Interactive who are one of the oldest and most prestigious survey panels in the world. The market research company is one of the most trusted and was founded 45 years ago.

By becoming a member of the Harris Poll Online survey panel you'll be able to give your opinion on issues that matter to you. The results will then be used to influence decision makers in big businesses, governments and organizations around the world.

Some of the results from the polls that you complete at Harris Interactive may appear in national newspapers such as the Financial Times or the Metro.

To thank you for taking online surveys with them you will be enrolled in their appreciation program, Harris Poll Online Rewards. In the rewards program you will get HiPoints for each online survey you complete, once you have accumulated enough points in your account you can redeem your points for rewards from their online catalogue. Rewards that you can choose from includes various merchandise and gift cards in different denominations for different shops and online stores.


Registration is quick and easy and should take you no more than 5 minutes. After registering you will be sent an introductory survey that will give you an idea of the questions that you may be asked in the future. After the first survey you will  be sent around 5 - 10 online surveys a month, this figure could vary from month to month. If you choose not to take part in any online surveys that you are sent it will not affect your membership in any way.

For each questionnaire that you are sent and complete you will be rewarded with Hipoints. Your Hipoints can be redeemed by logging into your account and picking the reward you want. Your reward will then be sent through the post within 1 - 4 weeks.

For each online survey that you complete you will also get an entry into their draw to win £6200 in cash.


In the 45 years since the company founded, Harris have never violated their members trusts. Any responses that are given in the surveys that you take are kept strictly confidential and all are completely anonymous. Your personal information will never be passed to third parties without your permission.

Contact Information

email: Contact page

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Trusted survey panel
Fast and easy registration
Regular surveys
Earn HiPoints to redeem for various rewards including gift cards


Any age
Resident of the UK