GfK Digital Trends Panel

The Digital Trends Panel is a new and unique survey site owned and operated by popular market research company, the GfK group.

For downloading a small broswer add on, keeping it installed and partipating in the panel, members can quickly and easily earn as much as £20+ in cash.

The Digital Trends Panel has been designed to help businesses answer important questions such as:

What technologies do people use on their computers?
Does the arrival of new technologies affect the media that people use?
Do people click on ads on websites?
What types of different media activities do people participate in and how popular is each one?

In order to answer the questions above GfK asks panelists to install a small web meter on their computer which shares the address of any websites that are visited and how each website is being used. To earn extra money Panelists are also given the opportunity to take surveys on new technologies, brands and advertising.

The web meter works in the background and does not affect your Internet speed or any browser functionality.


After registering you are required to complete a short survey and then install the web meter on your computer. The whole of the registration process should take no more than a couple of minutes.

The reward scheme works as follows:

1) You will get £15 as soon as you have installed the web meter. You can claim this reward after 30 days.
2) Every 90 days that yoiu keep the web meter installed you will earn an additional £5
3) You will also earn additional money for completing surveys which you will receive via email when they are available.

On top of this you can also enter the prize draw to win £1000 cash every month.

Contact Information

GfK Nurago GmbH
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 24
30159 Hannover

email: Contact page

Benefits of Becoming a Member

One of the biggest market research companies in the world
Earn £15 in cash in 30 days for just 5 minutes work
Earn additional £5 every 90 days for keeping web meter installed
Cash is sent straight into Paypal account
Receive additional cash rewarded surveys


Age 18+
UK resident
Must install and keep browser add on installed on computer
Must have Windows Operating System
Must be using either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to browse the Internet