Voucher Payments

Around half of all market research sites will pay you in cash with the other half either rewarding you with gift vouchers or entries into prize draws.
The free gift vouchers that you will receive from online survey sites are certainly worth having as they will allow you to buy clothes, CD’s, DVD’s, games, electronics both online and on the high street without having to dip into your wallet or purse.

Many market research sites choose gift cards as they can buy them in bulk so they are cheaper to pay out than cash rewards and members find them easy to use. Electronic gift cards can also now be e-mailed to members of certain sites which is much quicker and easier than putting a cheque in the post.

Gift vouchers can be a great reward as they can be spent either online or in your favourite high street store. They also can be saved up and used to buy people gifts at Christmas or on Birthdays.

Vouchers For Any Shop

Some survey sites may reward you with Capital Bonds or Love2Shop shopping vouchers so you can choose the store you want to go to from a huge list.
Some sites including United Sample's Gratis Points have also started rewarding their users with Facebook and Skype credits. These can be used like gift vouchers on your favourite social media site to play games or on Skype to make free calls.

The most popular gift cards that market research sites reward you with is Amazon vouchers, this is because they can be purchased in bulk and you can buy pretty much anything from their online store. You may also get Boots, John Lewis, Argos, Nike, HMV, M&S and Debenhams gift cards, just to name a few.
Of course it’s not just the UK that has market research websites where you can earn free gift vouchers for your time and effort. In the USA and Canada they also have many survey companies that will reward you with free movie passes, free gasoline fill ups, gift certificates for a wide array of different stores and coupons that will provide you with some great money saving opportunities.

It's not only about getting money and vouchers for your participation you can also be offered you the opportunity to test free products. The free products can range from small electronic products to much more expensive products. They give away these freebies as they want consumer’s honest opinions before they are released for sale. After testing is over they will allow you to keep the product and usually be rewarded with more vouchers.

Companies from around the world do value the opinions of opinions of their consumers which is why they offer so many great rewards. As long as they continue producing products and services there will always be paid survey opportunities available giving us all the chance to earn some great rewards.

The following are the highest paying survey sites that reward you with vouchers for various online and offline shops:

My Survey - Rewards you with Amazon or Capital Bonds that can be used in 140 different retailers. They now also offer cash payments via Paypal and each survey you take is worth at least £1 - £5. (UK only)

Toluna - Online gift or discount vouchers (UK only)

CFS Panel - Earn Amazon vouchers or cash sent to Paypal.