Why Survey Sites Offer Cash Incentives

There are many market research sites that offer consumers rewards for completing their online surveys. These rewards consist of either an entry into prize draws, vouchers that can be spent either online or on the high street, gifts or cash incentives.

From our own research we have found that people would prefer to take surveys that offer vouchers or cash incentives for their efforts. The amounts that are paid per survey completion are at the market research companies discretion. If a company was looking to spend thousands of pounds to get the information they want it is likely that a larger amount would be paid to you for your participation. If companies are on a smaller budget then these are the type of online surveys where you will receive either entry into a prize draw or vouchers for participating.

Why are cash incentives so popular?

If offering cash incentives cuts into a market research sites budget then why are they so popular. The first reason is that when money is offered for taking surveys the response rate increases dramatically, for example if we offered you to take part in an online survey that only gave you one entry into a prize draw along with 50,000 other people the chance of you taking it would be much lower than if we guaranteed you to receive £10 added straight into your account. The second reason is that gift vouchers are not always redeemable in every area (this is why online gift vouchers are now being offered on some sites) and offering cash incentives has appeal to everyone.

To conclude offering cash incentives not only benefits the person taking the survey but also the market research company as they get larger numbers of participants. Overall this means better data for the market research company and a happy survey taker!

Top 4 UK Cash Paying Surveys Sites

Palm Research - Receive 2 daily surveys at $1 each

ACOP - Highest paying survey site - Receive surveys between $2 - $50 each

Global Test Market UK - £1 - £3 per online survey you take

Mintvine - Earn cash via Paypal for taking surveys.

Top 4 International Survey Panels

Mintvine - Earn cash via Paypal for taking surveys.

Palm Research - 2 daily online surveys at $1 each

ACOP - Highest paying survey site - Receive surveys between $2 - $50 each