Cash for Surveys Panel (CFS)

The Cash for Surveys Panel also known as the CFS Panel for short is a brand new market research site that has been exclusively created for this website. The survey panel is powered by one of the world's leading market research sites, Cint. Cint is a privately owned software company that sells innovative research products for businesses who are involved in the market research industry.

By registering you will be given the opportunity to join thousands of people who are taking surveys on topics that will be of interest to you and helping to develop products and services of today and tomorrow. At the same time you will also be earning some extra money from the comfort of your own home


After registering you will be immediately available to receive paid survey invitations. At this point it is essential that you login to your account and fill in the required profile information so you will be matched to each survey as it becomes available.

Once you are a member you will receive online surveys on a variety of different topics including music, movies, shopping, finance, lifestyle, hobbies and many more.

Each research survey that you are sent will vary in length but on average will take between 10 - 20 minutes to complete and you will be paid between 50p to £10 each, longer and more complex projects will offer a higher reward. After completing each online survey you will be placed in 'quarantine' for a few days or weeks until the project has been completed, you will then be put back into the pool and be available for future survey invitations.

Once you have accumulated £8 in your account you can cash out and your money is sent instantly to your Paypal account, (You will be charged a 2% admin fee to receive your funds) alternatively you can keep the funds in your account, save it up and cash out when you are ready. If you do not have an account with Paypal then one will be created for you when you sign up. Alternatively you can save up £10 and cash out for an Amazon gift voucher.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information that is collected will be kept strictly confidential. Any survey answers that are shared with clients will be done anonymously so you cannot be personally identified. You can find out more through the privacy policy on the site.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Exclusive to
Powered by Cint, a leading market research company
Personal information kept strictly confidential
Average of 50p to £3 per survey you take
Bigger rewards for longer projects
Paid in cash
Minimum payment just £8 - £10
Cash sent via Paypal
Choose Amazon voucher as alternative to cash


Age 14+
Resident of the UK or USA