Huge List of Free Australian Paid Survey Sites

Market research companies are looking for people from all over Australia to give their honest opinions on a wide range of topics, in return for your time they will pay you with either cash or shopping vouchers.

The following are a list of paid surveys that are available to residents of Australia. Register with as many of the paid survey sites below and you can join the millions of people in the country who are already making lots of extra money every month taking surveys.

Global Test Market
Global Test Market AUThis is one of the biggest and most popular survey panels in the world and is extremely active. You should expect between 10 and 20 paid surveys from this site a month. They pay in points that can be redeemed for cash or vouchers, you are given at least 5 points even if you don't fully complete each survey, so points do add up pretty quick. Surveys average about $2 - $5 (USD) each and can range right up to a maximum of $60 each although its rare to receive them for this amount. The points are redeemed for cash and then paid to you via check. This Global Test Market survey panel is for Australian residents only.


Join Opinion Bureau
Survey BureauOpinion Bureau is a new panel with hundreds thousands of members in the UK, USA and Australia. It is owned and operated by highly experienced market research professionals. By joining today you will receive a free $5 added instantly into your account to get you started. For each survey that you take thereafter you will earn a maximum of $10 each. There are hundreds of surveys available for you to take every month. Once you just just $10 or more in your account you can login and redeem your money for cash sent straight to Paypal, an Amazon voucher or via a number of different payment methods.


Join SurveyRewardz
SurveyRewardz.comThe Survey Rewardz survey panel is a brand new and exclusive site where you can earn money via different methods by taking surveys. The site is different to others as their system is much more efficient at matching surveys with your profile information. This means that you will not be screened out as often and can earn more in the time you have available. As soon as you have registered you can take numerous surveys straight away by logging into your account. Once you have earned just $1 you can cash out by Paypal or for a minimum of $5 you can cash out by cheque, virtual Visa card or Amazon voucher. Due to the low minimum cash out amount and the large amount of surveys available here you could claim your first payment within the first couple of days and get lots more cash thereafter.


Join Mint Vine
Mint VineThe Mint Vine Panel is a brand new, unique and user friendly survey site that rewards you for completing surveys, polls, offers and referring your friends. You can also take part in their Mint Roll surveys which are based on your behaviour as well as your opinions. These Mint Roll surveys reward you with $2 (£1.20) each and are available 3 times per week. For registering at the panel today you will get $2 added instantly into your account to get you started. Once you have just $10 (£6) you can cash out and your money is sent within 24 hours to your Paypal account. Mint Vine is a new and exciting survey site that you shouldn't miss out on.


  • SwagbucksYou may know Swagbucks for its many fun ways to earn free gift cards for online activities that you already do everyday. But it also has a great surveys program that will reward you for sharing your opinions on popular brands & topics. Their market research panel is very high paying, rewarding you from £1.50 to as much as £40 each. The site is 100% free to join and you can cash out as soon as you have a minimum of just £5 in your account, a lower threshold than most other sites. You can also earn rewards by watching videos, shopping for cash back, searching the web, playing games, and more. Redeem your points for gift cards to major retailers like Amazon, Firebox, PayPal and more. (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia only)


Join Vindale Research
i Survey WorldAt Vindale Research you can earn cash for completing online surveys, taking polls, watching videos, reading email and more. There are hundreds of surveys available every day you can take as few or as many as you wish. Once you have $50 (£40) in your account balance you can cash out for a Paypal or cheque payment. Register today and you will get $2 (£1.60) for signing up and completing your profile.


Survey Downline
SurveyDownlineSurvey Downline is a brand new free market research site where you can earn cash for giving your opinion. Survey Downline is much different to other survey sites as members are viewed as partners. For completing online surveys you will share up to 35% of all the money they earn, plus the opportunity to earn an additional 15% by referring friends to the site. They offer a 3 tier referral program where you can tell your friends about the site and get paid every time they complete an online survey. They have lots of members earning hundreds of dollars every month without taking a single survey! Once you have $20 in your account you can request payment be sent via Paypal or Facebook credits.


My Survey Australia
Prizes, paypal and vouchers at My SurveyLightspeed are one of the biggest market research sites in the world with over 3.5 million members worldwide. For taking online surveys at Lightspeed you will earn points can can be converted into Paypal credit and vouchers. For joining you will also be entered into their big prize draw, the winners of which are being drawn on the 13th July 2012. You could win your gas, electric or water bills paid for a year, an ounce of gold, an iPad 2 or a $100 Myer gift voucher. Registration is quick and easy and should take no more than 5 minutes.


Join Hiving
Hiving Survey PanelHiving is a survey panel that offers cash rewards for your opinion. The company launched back in 2009 and has grown substantially as is now available in 20 countries around the world including the UK. For taking surveys here you will be rewarded with Hiving Points. Once you have accumulated just 4000 points you can cash out for $4 which is sent to your Paypal account. Alternatively you can choose to save up your points and cash out 8000 for $8 or 12000 for $12. You can also refer your friends to the site and earn extra points every time they do.


Join Cashback Research
Cashback ResearchCashback Research is a free, new and exclusive website where you can get rewarded with up to $75 for taking online surveys. Once you have registered you get access to their survey dashboard. From the survey dashboard you can see what surveys are available, how much you have earned and when you can request a payout. By logging in everyday you can see your cash adding up quickly. As well as surveys you can participate in offers to boost your cash and you may be invited to clinical trials paying as much as $140 per hour! Once you have just $25 you can cash out via Paypal or for a gift card.


Toluna AU
Toluna AUToluna is more than just a survey site it is an online community with millions of members that interactive with each other from all around the world. By participating in the community, taking polls and completing online surveys you will be rewarded with points that can later be redeemed for a number of different gift cards. You can also earn extra points by visiting their test area, if you are picked to test a product it will be yours to keep. Recent tests have included a plasma TV, iPad, iPad 2 and lots more.


Valued Opinions
Valued OpinionsValued Opinions are a genuine market research company who want to reward you for giving your honest opinion. For registering and participating in their market research surveys you will be rewarded with points which you can exchange for vouchers or gift cards from a wide range of different stores.


Rewards Central
RewardsCentralThis is the number one loyalty program in Australia. As a new member you can get up to 100 points instantly for signing up and then can earn more points by taking surveys, reading e-mails, referring friends, registering for offers and lots more. Once you have 3,300 points in your account you can cash out for $30 cash or save up 6000 points for a $50 gift card.


Survey Savvy
SurveySavvySurvey Savvy is one of the oldest survey panels in the world having launched in 1999. Although they are based in the USA and payments are made in dollars they are available in pretty much every country around the world. You won't receive a huge amount of online surveys from them but the ones you do will be amongst the highest paid. At this time they pay between $2 to $20 from every survey you are invited to complete. Another great thing about Survey Savvy is that there is no minimum amount to cash out, you can be sent a check with as little as $1 in your account. After you have registered ensure you complete your member profile in full to maximise your chances of receiving as many of the highest paying surveys as possible.


SpiderMetrixThis site is based in Australia so you receive a lot of paid surveys. You will be paid in Spider points for taking surveys about various products and services, for reviewing websites or participating in focus or discussion groups. You can also get additional points for referring your friends and family. Theses points are then redeemed for cash which is payable either by Paypal or check. Points can also be redeemed for a variety of gifts or shopping vouchers.

Types Of Rewards Available to Australian Survey Takers

There are lots of rewards that survey sites in this country will pay, some of the main ones are listed below:

Cash: If the main reward on offer is cash then this is usually sent either by bank transfer or cheque. Bank transfer will obviously be a much quicker method than getting a cheque payment. However as so many payments are made each month more often than not members of survey sites usually find that their cheques don't take more than a couple of weeks to get to them

Paypal Cash: Some of the bigger market research sites also offer PayPal payments so the money can get to their members in as quick a time as possible. Most survey companies that offer PayPal have extremely low minimum cash out amounts.

Online Gift Cards: This is a popular way for market research sites to pay their members, the gift card will usually be for Amazon or another popular online store and the card or code will usually be e-mailed to you.

Gift Vouchers: These will be sent through the mail to you and can be used in a variety of different shops and stores including Australia's biggest retailers, Myer and Woolworth's.

Product Samples: Product sampling is not a reward as such as usually you will get to review it and then based on your opinion of it you will be rewarded with cash or gift vouchers. However the great thing about testing products is that once the test is over the item is yours to keep or sell, whether it is a bar of chocolate or a high value electronic item.

Prize draws: Many survey sites use sweepstakes or prize draws as their main or additional reward. Many people in Australia will not join paid survey sites that only offer prizes for their time and efforts, however as there are usually so many prizes on offer and only a small number of members there really is a great chance of winning something.

Cold hard cash in your hand: That's right some market research companies may invite you to take part in a focus group in a local hotel or conference centre. At one of these focus groups you will discuss with other people exactly what you think about a particular product or service. Once the group is over you will usually get cash in your hand and this can be as much as $25 - $80+ per hour.

As you can see from the different types of rewards available taking surveys online really are worth doing and can quickly earn you some easy money or equivalent by working at home in your spare time.