Helping You to Work Out Whether Survey Sites Are a Scam

There are a variety of survey sites online and not all are reputable, but once you locate a good reputable company, it will be easy to earn some extra money online from surveys. Surveys are quickly becoming a great way for people to make quick cash, just for giving their honest opinions.

Are Online Surveys A Scam?

Many have argued that paid surveys are a waste of time, but have you noticed any experienced survey takers among the critics? No! That is so, because experienced online survey takers are happy with what they can earn and are achieving what they set out to do – make money. To be frank – taking online paid surveys is not for the old-fashioned, the conservative, or those afraid to take a challenge.

You have to be open-minded, flexible, adaptable and ambitious in order to pursue a successful online career as a professional survey taker. Once you get started and first get paid, you become a fan of getting paid for your opinion. Then, you expand your online career horizons by maybe becoming a mystery shopper, freelance writer for some online project, freelance programmer, or whatever else you feel like!

There are no scams where taking online surveys are involved. In some cases paid surveys is usually just the start. Many have started out on the Internet by becoming paid surveys taker, and are now proud managers of their own businesses and, most of all, masters of their own time, space and life.

The key to getting paid for taking online surveys is to join as many online survey sites as possible. Reason being is that most sites will only send a few surveys to you every month although this differs from site to site. There is over 500 cash for survey sites on the internet at the moment and that figure is growing on a regular basis, the top 50 of these will send you surveys regularly while from the rest you may receive a couple of surveys every month or so.

Apart from taking surveys, some of the sites available give you the chance to participate in online or offline focus groups. Focus groups are a group of people sat in a room having a discussion about a particular product or service; focus groups tend to offer a higher reward than taking surveys online. Another service provided by cash for survey sites is product testing, this is where you will be sent a free product and asked to test it then post your opinion on the site. Again with product testing the rewards can be high and if its not so good at least you get to keep the product!

Things to Avoid

It’s always best to avoid survey databases that offer you the chance to make thousands of pounds or dollars every month and have you pay a fee for the privilege. It is possible to make some extra cash and maybe have some gift vouchers sent to you on a regular basis but taking surveys will never allow you to make thousands or allow you to quit your regular job.

Do not believe guarantees or cheques that are posted on sites as proof of income, these pictures will most likely have been stolen from another site and the guarantees made up so are never worth believing. Also it’s always best to not only read the hype that most of these survey databases post on their sites, instead look for the small print. The small print will most often contradict what they are saying on their main pages as they have to cover themselves legally.

When looking for online survey opportunities its best to look for survey directories where all the sites listed are free. Most often these types of sites will offer free unbiased reviews on each of the market research sites available. Read through each review carefully and always check the terms and conditions or small print where applicable.

If you are looking for a full-time income online, paid for surveys may not be the thing for you. Although you can make some easy extra money taking paid surveys online, more than likely it will not be enough to make you rich. On the other hand, if you want to make some extra money without much effort then online surveys are definitely the way to go.