American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP)

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is owned by Decision Analyst, Inc who are one of the biggest research companies in the world. The company is located in the Dallas, USA but is made up of millions of consumers from around the world. ACOP was first launched online in 1997 which makes them one of the very first survey panels on the Internet.
To join the ACOP survey panel is 100% free, you will never have to pay any money to be a member. Every month you will take part in several online survey studies with the average time to complete each one being around 10 minutes.


By completing online surveys at ACOP you will be rewarded with cash which is sent to you via cheque in your own currency. Incentives for each survey you take typically range from $2 - $50 and take an average of just 10 minutes. This makes ACOP one of the highest paying survey sites in the world.

Before completing each paid surveys it's likely that around 6 weeks before you will receive a 'screener' to see if you meet the requirements to take part.

Once you have earned just $10 from taking surveys you can cash out by cheque which is sent in your local currency. Alternatively you can now also cash out straight into your Paypal account.

Not only can you earn cash for completing each online survey but you will also be entered into a draw every month to win $250.

They may also give you the opportunity to take part in online focus groups where you will generally be paid more than $25.

Contact Information

Decision Analyst, Inc
604 Ave H East

Tel: 1-800-262-5974
email: Contact Page

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Payments in own currency
Paypal payments
Low minimum cash out amount of just $10
Cash payments
Opportunity to participate in online focus groups for $25 +
$2 - $50 per online survey you take
Monthly drawing of $250 just for being a member


Age 14+ (With parental permission)
Available to anyone in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France and Italy
Limited to one person per household