5 Reasons Surveys Takers Don't Succeed in Making Any Money

Taking surveys are one of the easiest ways for anyone with an Internet connection to make money from home. However some people who take them make so little money that they give up without giving them a chance. Five of the most popular reasons why these people fail at paid surveys and how to avoid these problems are discussed below.

Joining a Scam Site Upset Man

Many people fall straight into the trap and register with a scam site. These sites will offer ridiculous amounts to their visitors such as hundreds of dollars for each survey or a few hours work. Nobody in their right mind should believe these ‘get rich quick’ claims as no company will ever pay you hundreds of dollars to sit at home, answering questions with little or no effort. The sites that advertise these claims are after one thing and thing only and that is your money. You should always remember that online surveys will always be free, your answers are extremely valuable to any legitimate market research companies so the only person getting paid will be you.

As well as scam sites some web sites try to get money out of people by offering a paid database of market research sites that can be found elsewhere on the Internet free of charge, (Such as on this site here) Anyone that signs up with these sites will start off their survey taking career at a loss and will probably be upset when they don't get their money back as quick as they would have hoped. By avoiding scams people can easily find legitimate survey sites that offer fun, free surveys paying cash and vouchers on a regular basis.

Only Registering With One Market Research Site

This is by far the most popular reason why survey takers don’t make any decent money. There is almost 100 legitimate survey panels around the world so it makes no sense to only join just one. When a paid survey becomes available it will only be released to certain demographics such as mums with babies, smokers or people with cars. By registering with just one site these people are seriously limiting their chances of receiving regular surveys. Chances are one site could send up to 10 a month but the amount of money this brings in will be small. If people are registered with many sites then the amount of invitations and money earned will add up much quicker.

Not Having Realistic Expectations

Why some people start out they expect to receive 100’s for every survey and instant payments. These expectations are completely unrealistic and by thinking like this most people will quickly give up. Sure its possible to earn a little extra money each month but its never going to be possible to quit a regular job by taking them. At the end of the day market research sites are businesses which still need to collect their money before they can pay out their members.

Rushing or Not Giving Honest Answers

Market research companies have very sophisticated systems in place that can detect if a questionnaire is being rushed or honest answers are not being given. Rushing or lying on survey questions could quickly lead to a ban for the users, a ban and loss of earnings will likely cause them to quit altogether. The easiest way to avoid this scenario is to read through each question and answer it as honestly as possible. By doing this and getting a good reputation with each company over time you will be sent the highest paying surveys and be invited to exclusive product tests or focus groups offering much higher rewards.

Taking Too Long to Complete a Project

When an invitation to participate is sent out people need to respond and take the survey as soon as possible. If too long is left then the quota will fill up and the project will close. People that continually leave it too long will always hit the closed survey page so will probably give up quickly. The best thing to do to avoid this is to keep a close eye on your email account and login regularly to each site to see if any new projects or polls are available.