Earn Lots of Cash for Taking Surveys

Did you know you that's its possible to earn £1000+ every year by simply filling in quick and easy online questionnaires?

Not only can you earn extra money taking part in market research studies but in addition to this online research companies will pay you up to £30 per hour for participating in focus groups, doing mystery shopping, taking telephone interviews and for testing free products.

Why Will I Be Paid for Taking Surveys?

Market Research is a very important part of any businesses strategy. Companies around the world want to know what you are thinking and will quite happily pay you to find out. When a business releases a new product or service and targets the right people straight away, they can cut right down on the amount of money they have to spend on advertising and instantly increase their sales. This should explain why your time and opinions are so valuable.

Register With the Highest Paying Free Survey Sites

The following are the world's highest paying market research websites. They all offer good payouts, low minimum payout thresholds and will send you a decent amount of high paying surveys every month. If you are a beginner then these web sites would make a great place to start.

To register with all the research web sites listed below should take no more than 20 - 30 minutes of your time. This could realistically be earning you an extra £25 - £200+ per month. All sites listed are 100% free to join. Help I don't know what i'm doing.

Want More? You can find a full list of over 35 UK survey sites here.

Join Global Test Market
GMI UKGlobal Test Market is one of the world's biggest and most active survey panels. This particular panel is only available to UK residents but there is a worldwide panel too which you can find more information about in our international section. Each month the amount of surveys you will receive will vary but you should receive on average anywhere between 10 and 40. You are paid in points which you can later redeem for cash via cheque or Paypal once you have $50 (£32) in your account. You can also choose to have Amazon or other vouchers instead of cash. For each online survey you take you will be paid on average £1 to £3, this can go right up to as much as £30 each. Ensure you confirm your e-mail after registering to start earning the most money as quickly as possible.


Join iPoll
£3.50 Free for JoiningiPoll is a one of the biggest and oldest survey sites that was founded in 2008. Since launching they have paid out millions to their members worldwide for completing surveys. For every survey you complete at iPoll you will be paid in cash, you are also given $5 (£3) in your account just for joining. Once you are a member you can take surveys through their website or via email for cash payments. You can also download their smartphone app which allows you to earn extra money by taking surveys on the move or taking part in missions such as checking in at shops or testing products. As soon as you have accumulated $35 (£25) you will be paid via Paypal or you can choose other payment methods. Once you have registered check your emails (could go in spam) for the confirmation as otherwise you won't receive any paid surveys.


Join Mint Vine
Mint VineThe Mint Vine Panel is a brand new, unique and user friendly survey site that rewards you for completing surveys, polls, offers and referring your friends. You can also take part in their Mint Roll surveys which are based on your behaviour as well as your opinions. These Mint Roll surveys reward you with $2 (£1.20) each and are available 3 times per week. For registering at the panel today you will get $2 added instantly into your account to get you started. Once you have just $10 (£6) you can cash out and your money is sent within 24 hours to your Paypal account. Mint Vine is a new and exciting survey site that you shouldn't miss out on.


Join Swag Surveys
Swag SurveysYou may know Swagbucks for its many fun ways to earn free gift cards for online activities that you already do everyday. But it also has a great surveys program that will reward you for sharing your opinions on popular brands & topics. Their market research panel is very high paying, rewarding you from £1.50 to as much as £40 each. The site is 100% free to join and you can cash out as soon as you have a minimum of just £5 in your account, a lower threshold than most other sites. You can also earn rewards by watching videos, shopping for cash back, searching the web, playing games, and more. Redeem your points for gift cards to major retailers like Amazon, Firebox, PayPal and more.


Join CashforSurveys (CFS) Panel
Cash for SurveysThe CashforSurveys Panel (CFS Panel) is our very own new and exclusive market research site which is operated and powered by Cint Panel Exchange. You will not find this panel on any other website. By joining you will be helping to develop products and services of today and tomorrow. For your time you will be rewarded with an average of 50p to £3 per survey that you complete. As soon as you have accumulated just £5 in your account your payment will be sent to you via Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account then one will be created for you.


ACOPDespite the name and being based in the USA, American Consumer Opinion Panel is available to new members living anywhere in the world. It is one of the oldest survey panels having launched back in 1996. Incentives on this site range from $1 - $50 (£0.65 - £31.50) per survey you take and $25+ (£16+) for online focus groups, making ACOP one of the highest paying survey sites. You should receive numerous paid surveys from this site every month. You can easily cash out by logging into your account, payment is sent via cheque or to your Paypal account in your local currency once you have just $10 (£6.30).


Join SurveyRewardz
SurveyRewardz.comThe Survey Rewardz survey panel is a brand new and exclusive site where you can earn money via different methods by taking surveys. The site is different to others as their system is much more efficient at matching surveys with your profile information. This means that you will not be screened out as often and can earn more in the time you have available. As soon as you have registered you can take numerous surveys straight away by logging into your account. Once you have earned just $1 (64p) you can cash out by Paypal or for a minimum of $5 (£3.20) you can cash out by cheque, virtual Visa card or Amazon voucher. Due to these low minimum cash out amounts and the large amount of surveys available here you could claim your first payment within the first couple of days and get lots more cash thereafter.


Join My Survey
MySurvey UKMySurvey is part of one of the biggest market research sites in the world. They reward you for with £1 to £5 per survey you complete for them. You can later choose to exchange your money for Amazon vouchers, cash via Paypal or Facebook credits. They tend to send out numerous surveys each month so the money you get from them does add up quickly. Registration at MySurvey is quick and easy and should take you no more than 3 minutes.


Join The Food Village
Food Village CommunityDo you love talking about food and would like to earn some cash? If so join the brand new and exclusive Food Village community. The community is operated by a popular food brand, General Mills who are the company behind Haagen-Dazs, Jus-Rol, Old El Paso and Green Giant. Here you can share your feedback, upload photos and videos, have fun and earn cash rewards. They need a mix of different people so places are very limited, to be in with a chance, apply today.


Join Cashback Research
Cashback ResearchCashback Research is a free, new and exclusive website where you can get rewarded with up to $75 (£47.25) for taking online surveys. Once you have registered you get access to their survey dashboard. From the survey dashboard you can see what surveys are available, how much you have earned and when you can request a payout. By logging in everyday you can see your cash adding up quickly. As well as surveys you can participate in offers to boost your cash and you may be invited to clinical trials paying as much as $140 per hour! Once you have just $30 (£18.90) you can cash out via Paypal or for a gift card.


Join GfK Digital Trends Panel
GfK Digital Trends PanelJoin the brand new and exclusive GfK Digital Trends Panel to help improve the way the web works for you. After joining you will be asked to download their web meter on your computer and also answer a short survey. For downloading the free browser add-on and keeping it active for thirty days, and you'll be paid £10. For every 90 days you keep it installed and are active at least one day each month you will get an extra £5. On top of this you will also earn £1 - £3 for every online survey that you complete for them. In the first month you will get a guaranteed £10 that can be used at Amazon, John Lewis, iTunes, Currys PC World, Argos, M&S, Topman or many more brands


Join Panelbase
PanelBasePanelbase are one of the quickest growing survey panels in the UK. For each survey project you participate in you will be rewarded with between 25p and £10, some surveys even offer a cash reward of £50 each but it does depend on the the duration and complexity, on completion this money will be added straight into your Panelbase account. Once you have accumulated £10 you can withdraw your balance via either BACS, (straight into bank) high street shopping vouchers or if your feeling generous, you can donate your money to charity. Once you have registered £3 will be added straight into your account to get you started.


Join SavvyConnect
Savvy ConnectSavvyConnect is a new and exclusive market research panel that is operated by one of the biggest research companies in the world, SurveySavvy. To get started you need to download the software or app for your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Once this is downloaded and installed you will start earning cash from them for doing very little! The data from the app is used to find out how people are using the Internet so they can create a better experience for everyone else. For keeping the app installed for 30 days you will receive cash to your account. As part of the exclusive SavvyConnect Panel you will also receive other research opportunities where you can earn more money. Once you have just $1 (65p) in your account you can request a payment which is sent in as little as 1 week.


Join Your Word
Your WordThe brand new and exclusive Your Word site is well organised, with interesting surveys and great rewards. You can help build brands and share your ideas through paid surveys and lots more. In return for your thoughts and time you will receive rewards. The rewards that you collect can be used for £5 - £25 gift cards for a wide selection of your favourite retailers and restaurants. The panel is only open to a limited number of people so join today while you still can.


Join Pinecone Research (Aged 18 - 34 Only)
IPSOSPinecone is literally the holy grail of all survey sites, they pay megabucks, but registration is by invitation only. You get £3 for every single survey or for testing free products. Sadly, the recruitment process is more secretive than MI5. You have to wait until you're invited or spot an advert on a website to sign up. Luckily we have this secret link wich means you can sign up exclusively here today. They are only currently looking for people aged between 18 and 34 to join.


Join Unique Rewards
Unique Rewards Unique Rewards provides you with a fast and effective ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home. They offer a wide range of ways to earn including taking surveys online, completing offers, reading emails, visiting websites and shopping online. For signing up you will get $5 (£3) added straight into your account. Once you have earned $20 (£13) you can cash out via cheque or Paypal. Due to their being over 500 free offers on the site many people have reported earning as much as $100 (£60) in their first few days on the site.


Join Shoppers Thoughts Panel
Clubcard Points at Shoppers ThoughtsAt the brand new Shopper Thoughts Panel you can share your opinions via surveys in order to help create the best shopping experiences. For your time you have the choice of being rewarded with Tesco Clubcard points or gift vouchers. On average you will receive 100 points for a 15 minute survey. If you choose Clubcard points then they will appear on your next statement. If you choose vouchers then these will be sent to you once you hit 1000 points. Your vouchers can be used in around 45 of biggest high street shops, attractions or restaurants.


Join Opinion Outpost
Earn Opinion Points for CashOpinion Outpost are an extremely popular research site. They are part of one of the biggest market research companies in the world, Western Wats. By taking online questionnaires at Opinion Outpost you will be rewarded with Opinion Points, once you have just 100 points in your online account you can request payment via Paypal. Ensure you confirm your e-mail address after registering to start receiving paid surveys. Also for joining today you will be in the draw to win £5000 in cash.


Join i-Say Panel - 25+ Only
IPSOS i-Say PanelThe brand new, unique and user friendly i-Say survey community is owned by leading market research company, IPSOS. By taking surveys on anything from global brands to entertainment and lots more you get the power to help influence how products are made and updated. For your time you are rewarded with between 5 and 250 i-Say points. You will also earn more points through their loyalty program. Once you have 1380 points you can claim £10 gift vouchers for various high street shops, restaurants or Amazon. If you choose an Amazon voucher it is sent instantly, the other come through the post. At this time they are only looking for new members aged 25+.


How to Get Started in 5 Simple Steps

1) Get a spare e-mail address so you don't miss any survey invitations.
2) Register an account with as many decent research sites as you can find
3) Fill in any profile information that is required
4) Check your inbox regularly in your spare time and login to any accounts you have created.
5) Complete surveys and redeem your points for cash or gift vouchers - It's as easy as that!

Each questionnaire you take will be easy to fill out and will cover a wide range of topics, some of the most popular include Movies, TV Programmes, Finance, Sports, Politics, Hobbies, Health, Motoring, Technology, Gaming, in fact pretty much any topic you can think of could be covered.

Participating in these research activities is a perfect part time jobs for university and college students, teenagers, kids, professionals, stay at home parents or anyone with a little extra time, an e-mail account and a desire to earn some extra money online.

Tips and Tricks On How to Earn the Most Money

Now that you are registered with all the sites listed you need to make sure that you are really reaping the rewards. Use the following tips to make sure you are earning the most money for your time and efforts:

The best tip we can give you is to login to each account as often as possible, you may find that you can earn extra points by completing a poll, there may be a brand new high paying survey available for you to take or you may even be able to sign up to test a free product or take a telephone survey. You should also check your e-mail regularly so a project does not close before you get chance to take part.

Make sure that the answers you give on each questionnaire are as honest as possible, it may be tempting to lie to get paid the most but survey sites have very sophisticated systems and its likely that one day you will get caught out. If you are caught lying its also likely that your earnings will be forfeited.

Look out for sites that are invitation only as these will most likely pay you the most money for your time and efforts. Two of the most popular invitation only companies are Pinecone Research and Opinion People. If you are invited to register with either these two websites you should sign up quickly so that you don't miss out.

When you are registering with each survey panel keep an eye out for other opportunities such as mystery shopping jobs, telephone and sms surveys, focus groups and product testing. These extra opportunities will offer higher rewards and so should always be opted into where available.

Never join a site that requires you to pay to view a 'survey database' as all the information can be found free of charge on the Internet.
Above all have fun, the more you are enjoying the time you spend taking research surveys the more money you are likely to earn.